This featherback creature is a herbivore. It uses its large horns to scratch bark from the trees and uses its large teeth to eat said bark. It’s a passive creature, however the featherback does use it horns in combat at times. When in danger, the featherback uses its feathers to intimidate predators.

When designing this I wanted it to look like a herbivore but not in the way rabbits or sheep are. The featherback looks docile, but it can still defend itself quite well thanks to the horns I added in the design. The feathers on its back I wanted to look similar to the eyes, but not so much that it would have the same colours. So instead I choose for colours in the same colour range as orange (red-ish pink and lime green). I love how it turned out and I’m proud of the end result. I have also attempted to draw a skeleton for it, I think it can be better but it’s just a rough sketch. It still looks great.

Hours worked on this: 5 Hours

I learned: The importance of thinking about the skeleton. And how fun a scaled and feathered creature can be to draw!