About Me

Hello, I am Mila Verwer. I’m a young and ambitious game artist. I am specialised in 2-dimensional art. I almost finished my studies at Mediacollege in Amsterdam, and I’m expected to graduate in the year 2023.

Besides drawing I love games because they bring you into a world where you can do whatever you like. Worlds in which I can make anything like when I draw on my laptop and iPad.

I would like to work with people that love what they do as much as I do. Somewhere preferably where I can show my 2D talents and learn from other professionals. The software I am familiar with are Photoshop, Unity, Animate and Procreate. I easily adopt styles, so I have no problem fitting into a team.

I am looking for a place to develop my skills further. My internship period will start February 2022 and will end July 2022. I think I can bring fresh ideas to the table. Let’s have a chat:

My skills

2D • Animation• 3D

I am, if I do say so myself, amazing at 2D art. I have drawn ever since I was a little one. However I do animations and 3D too. My true passion and skill lies with 2D art/animation though. But if 3D is needed, I have some knowledge on that too.

2D Art
2D Animation

Let’s Work Together


Here you can contact me. You can ask me questions about my work, ask if I’m free to work with you or anything related to my art and I.