This is Kevin the cockatoo, to be exact a rose breasted cockatoo, is a mascot I created for an activity book that I worked on during my first internship at bird park Avifauna. I have a few finished versions, as well as sketches to show my proces. I came to the conclusion that with the target audience being small kids, they’d love it if it were a cute small bird instead of a more realistic one. I tried experimenting with the possibility of a bird suit as well, but neither my boss nor I liked that in the end. I’ve made two versions, a regular white cockatoo and a rose breasted cockatoo. My boss suggested the rose breasted one, as they have more of those to go visit in the park itself. In my language, dutch, the word cockatoo is ‘kaketoe’, which is why I choose the name Kevin. As it fit pretty perfectly, however Kevin the cockatoo isn’t half bad either!

Hours worked on this: 4 Hours

I learned: To think more of a target audience and to make a cute lovable mascot!